Imagen1 Strategy Execution

Most organizational leaders’ challenges are not related
to strategy or administrative issues, but to strategy
execution. We have proven methodologies to
accelerate the delivery of your strategic plan.
Have you already plan the execution
of your strategy?

STR | Strategic Plan
BSC | Balanced Scorecard
SRM |Strategy Review Meeting

Imagen1 Process Improvement

Strategies deliver ideas, but projects deliver results!
Ensure the sustainability of your strategy by focusing
your business processes and strategic investments.
We have methodologies to do it.
Have you aligned processes and investments
with your strategy?

SPM | Strategic Processes Management
BPM | Business Process Management
PPM | Portfolio Project Management

Imagen1 People Planning

The main purpose of an organization is to achieve
cohesion so that the whole is greater that the sum of
its parts. Align your business units, support areas,
teams and individual talents with your strategy.
Have you already planned the total alignment
of your strategy?

ALG | Total Alignment
JOB | Strategic JOB Families
HRM | Human Resource Management

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