2018 Webinar Series

VIS | Visioning Creating a strategic vision. How to go from a conceptual exercise to an execution that translates the impact of our vision to the day-to-day operations? If you believe that it is time to take your vision from ideas and PowerPoint presentations to an actionable model, register to this Webinar or contact our experts. We can help you design the organization that you have always dreamed of. Sign up or contact us February 05, 2018 – Click here for more information
BOS | Blue Ocean Strategy Compete in an uncontested market space. Have you ever wondered why your customers buy from you?, have you ever wondered by they buy from your competitor? If you always perceived yourself as being better than your competitor but eventually realized that he/she is taking a larger portion of the market or gaining market share, perhaps is time rethink what’s your real value proposition. Register to this Webinar or contact our experts and create your own Blue Ocean. March 05, 2018 – Click here for more information
BSC | Balanced Scorecard Unleash your strategy. Be faithful to your strategy and meet your budget goals! Discover the true spirit of a tool that continues to be a worldwide standard to manage strategies. If your previous attempts to apply models to manage your strategy have only accomplished marginal benefits, it is time to explore our approach to the BSC based on a worldwide proven method. Register to this Webinar or contact us for more information. April 02, 2018 - Click here for more information
JOB | Job Families Strategy Job Families. 10% of a company’s resources create new value; 90% just maintain value. Identify the roles with the highest impact to your strategy and focus the efforts on your development programs. If you believe that you have a great strategic plan but your organization lacks the talent to execute it, register to this Webinar and contact our experts. We will help to identify and develop the talent your organization needs to execute your strategy. Sign up or contact us May 07, 2018 - Click here for more information
SPM | Strategic Process Management Aligning processes and strategy. Strategies and the value proposition are dynamically updated, but the processes supporting them are not. Create an explicit relationship so that your processes support the execution of your plan in a sustainable way. If you identified that your processes are the main drivers behind your financial performance, SPM can provide you with a renewed perspective. Register to this Webinar or contact us. June 04, 2018 - Click here for more information
ALG | Total Alignment Process Aligning the Organization. Is there a formal process to implement the strategy across the organization or each leader does it his or her own way? Who manages the synergies between lines of businesses? If organizational alignment is a pending item and there is no cohesion between the leaders who plan and the leaders who execute, this is a great opportunity to take a proactive approach to address the problem. Register to this Webinar or contact us. July 02, 2018 - Click here for more information
HRM | Human Resource Management Translating intangibles into tangibles. In the knowledge economy, human capital is responsible for adding value along the different activities in the value chain. Organizations that fail to acquire and retain the talent needed to propel their strategies will experience performance degradation. If you believe that talent management is not playing a strategic role in your organization, register to this webinar or contact us and learn how to translate intangibles into tangibles. Sign up or contact us August 06, 2018 - Click here for more information
SRM | Strategic Review Meeting Review and adapt your strategy. Executives attend meetings to be informed instead of bringing value added propositions. Reports are mostly outdated and are presented with different indicators or data formats. Manage the future, execute today. If you want to develop a more strategic long-range report, implement a formal process to drive a dialog focused on a performance review culture, re-energize the strategic thinking and improve the decision-making process. Sign up or contact us September 04, 2018 - Click here for more information
STX | Stratex: Strategy and Budget Aligning financial resources and strategy. More than half of companies execute their budget process separately from their strategic planning, they do not budget for future opportunities but rather an extension of the past. If you feel that the budget limits your plan and is not connected to the strategy you must participate in this Webinar. Sign up or contact us. October 01, 2018 - More information here
TEP | Total Execution Process Best practices to manage your strategies. The Execution Premium methodology is the product of a Harvard University worldwide research on companies’ best practices. If you have tried different approaches to implement your strategy in your organization without experiencing the level of success that you expected. Sign up or contact us. November 05, 2018 - More information here
OSM | Office Of Strategy Management Roles in a strategy management office. Have you not noticed that after designing an excellent strategy, everyone leaves happy without someone being assigned to guard the execution of it? Formalize an OSM in your organization. If you are tired of timid processes of transformation, and allocation of residual energy to issues as important as the execution of the strategy, this Webinar is important for your company. December 03, 2018 - More information here

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